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The History of Halloween in U.S

feature-3Of all the holidays, Halloween emerges as the best sample of the quintessential American “melting pot”, that is, a melange of traditions or rituals, beliefs, both religious or agnostic, that originated from all cultures living in America. October 31 marks the perception of Halloween or Hallowe’en, a short variety of All-hallow-even, the evening before All Saints Day or All Hallows Day, is on November 1. After the Romans conquered the Celts in 43AD, they received many of their festivals and fused them into their own particular religious celebrations. All Saints Day was one such sample. Initially the day that celebrated various pagan festivals, yet Pope Gregory III would eventually assign November 1 to mark the Christian feast of All Saints Day, which had moved from May 13. According to the Church, a day began at dusk, which is the reason why celebrations ordinarily began on October 31, the eve of the occasion, All Hallows Day. Read More→

Upcoming List of Halloween events in U.S

feature-2We are already at the 2nd quarter of the year, so here are the list of some upcoming big Halloween events in the U.S that are fully prepared as of now or on progress of preparation…. Read More→

Different Activities to do during the Halloween

feature-1Halloween being an annual events in U.S not just for children but also for adults as well would have a major list of enjoyable activities that includes trick or treats, haunted house show and live bands, etc… Read More→