The Best Movies on Netflix in to Watch on your 4k TV

There has been yet another advancement in video resolution. Now available is the ability to view content in 4K or UHD. This is in fact the highest resolution that you can view anything. As a matter of fact, this resolution is even higher than what you can get at some multiplexes. Many movies are projected in 2K. As a matter of fact, many movies are even shot in 2K. It is rare to find a movie that is shot in 4K resolution as of right now. 4K is very new to the market to the point that you can rarely find any content that is available to be viewed in this resolution. Fortunately, programs like Netflix make it possible.

As of right now, there is little content available on Netflix in 4K resolution. Also, many of the shows and movies mastered in 4K are actually not filmed at 4k resolution, so the image quality is only going to be slightly improved from 1080 HD. The pieces of content that would benefit the most from a 4K remaster is movies that were shot on film. Fortunately, there are quite a few of those available on Netflix right now. The following are some of the best available on Netflix in 4K.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

This film has some of the best cinematography. So it is logical that it will be included among the titles available in 4K. The resolution allows you to look at the breathtaking shots with improved detail and color. You get to experience this film in a quality that is very close to its theatrical run. We love watching this movie during Halloween.

House of Cards

Streamed from a 5K source, this show also shows a lot of improvement from its HD counterpart. The opening credits provide a lot of breathtaking clear detail in this 4k master. However, there are some limitations that come with the current state of UHD. When there is a lot of motion on in the image and the camera moves, the image does lose some of its sharpness. Also, the image is not as sharp during some of the darker scenes. It becomes soft and the artifacts are more noticeable. However, 4k is in its infancy. As it is allowed to grow, there will be improvements made to this resolution.


Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an interesting story. The earlier episodes have a roughness to them. They look pretty much lower in quality compared to House of Cards. However, by the time you get to the latest season available, the picture quality is vastly improved to the point that you feel like you are getting 4K experience. With Breaking Bad, the source for recording was 35MM film which has different grades to it. As the show succeed, better grades of 35MM were used.

In order to be able to take advantage of the 4K resolution, you need a 4K TV, and you need to subscribe to the highest rate plan available in NetFlix in order to be able to view 4K content. Fortunately, the plan is only $12.99. So it is affordable. Once you have all of the equipment needed to view 4K content, then you can enjoy the shows from the small but rapidly growing library of 4K content from Netflix.

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